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Blue print of a truck driver from a fuel perspective

I have often been asked what my blue print of a truck driver would be like. It’s a tough question, as there are many qualities you need to have to be a great driver. But one thing I do know is that now more than ever, being as fuel efficient as possible is something a blue print truck driver would happily embrace. 

Tatu meets fuel champion

The driver can do many things to reduce fuel consumption. The international winner of Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2018, Piotr Krahel, is a living proof of that. I met him to discuss how you become a champion driver when it comes to fuel efficiency.

The most successful driver motivation to save fuel

There are many ways to motivate a driver to save fuel, but in my opinion there is one simple – yet essential – requirement: trust. A driver who feels respected for what they do, who feels like they belong and enjoys working for their company will work hard to drive fuel efficiently and contribute to his or her …

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