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How does the new truck tachograph legislation in Europe affect me?

The burden of new legislation affecting the truck industry can often feel daunting, especially when you are working long hours and are regularly away from home. It is easy to see how new regulations, which features new laws regarding the number of hours you can drive, could compound such concerns.

Truck driving at night - tips for a safer journey

Statistics show that nearly half of all traffic fatalities occur in the dark. This despite only a quarter of journeys being undertaken in darkness. Our biological clocks are set so we naturally feel sleepier at night, yet it’s not just this that presents a danger.

How to manage cruising speed and average speed

It may be tempting to drive as fast as possible especially when you are trying to meet a tight delivery time. However, doing so has a major downside - more money spent on fuel. Adjusting cruising speed and average speed based on how long you travel and how many deliveries you make per day is an easy way to unlock some …

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