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5 tips for fuel efficient truck driving in cities

When we talk about fuel efficient driving it’s usually about tips and tricks on how to save fuel on long stretches of highway. What is rarely talked about is city driving and the role a driver can play in managing erratic urban traffic. I think this is a missed opportunity because by optimizing speed, anticipating and …

Is your mobile putting you at risk when out on the road?

Ever find yourself behind the wheel but not fully focused on the traffic around you? Or notice someone else on the road that’s not paying attention to a critical situation? It can feel pretty alarming. There are a number of reasons why we might get distracted or lose focus out on the road. Mobile phones are the …

How do seat belt mechanics work?

The three-point seat belt was invented sixty years ago by Volvo, and has been credited as saving over one million lives. So what is the technology behind the seat belt and how does it work?

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