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How to be a more fuel efficient truck driver

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There are a number of skills that a good truck driver should have and fuel efficient driving is certainly one of them. Here are some of my tips for reducing your fuel consumption today.


Practice makes perfect, that goes without saying. Committing yourself to a deliberate and systematic training routine is the first step towards becoming a better driver. Maintaining a slower speed, keeping a safe distance and making a smooth start are some great things to focus on when practicing. In my experience it is also worthwhile to plan ahead a little, practice on the same stretch of road and the same load to really track your progress and fine-tune your skills. To make things a bit more interesting and challenging, try adding some hills or a busy road. I did a lot of this kind of training when preparing for the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge.

Use the tools

Trucks nowadays come packed with technologies that can help you hone your skills. Fleet management systems for instance can track your performance and pinpoint to the areas where you need to improve. What gets measured gets done goes an old saying and I guess it’s no different when it comes to fuel efficient driving.


When you enjoy your work, it is pretty easy to do a great job. Trucking is no different. Mastering the art of fuel efficient driving takes time and commitment but the payoff is most certainly worth it. And not just on the financial side of things. Doing a good job for yourself or your company is a great way to help boost your reputation as a respectful and reliable driver. It is also a great way to contribute towards making our planet a little bit cleaner and greener. 

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Feel free to download my guide with eight top advice for fuel efficient driving. I hope you find it useful.


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