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Have you optimized your operations?

Productivity in the transport industry can be defined as cost per ton-kilometer. So, to become profitable you simply have to keep that figure down and the invoicing up? Sounds easy enough? But it isn’t always that easy. 

Your truck accessories - can they really affect fuel consumption?

So, you’ve ordered a brand-new truck. You’ve spent hours and hours learning everything about new technical features that will help you save fuel. Finally, you wanted to add a personal touch with some cool accessories. And then all your fuel-savings just went down the drain. How did that happen?

Specifying a Volvo truck to maximize fuel efficiency

Did you know that fuel costs account for over one third of the annual turnover of an average haulage company? The good news for Volvo Trucks’ long haul customers is that the right specifications on the right trucks can make a massive difference to long-term profitability. 

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