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Why the EU Green Deal could change how you invest in new trucks

The European Commission has announced a €750 billion aid package to drive The European Union’s post-COVID economic recovery. At the heart of the package is the European Green Deal—a set of proposed legislation aimed at achieving climate neutrality in a number of industries including transport. Let’s take a look at the …

Could reducing noise help improve your bottom-line?

Noise is not at the top of the agenda for many transport companies. But restrictions are on the rise. Here’s why it’s important for transport providers to take a serious look at the issue.  

Will your next truck be fuelled by Bio-LNG?

The transport industry is slowly waking up to the potential of Bio-LNG as a promising alternative to diesel. And rightfully so. Here are some of the reasons why Bio-LNG (liquefied natural gas) might be the fuel for future long-haul transport. 

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