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How a fleet management system can support your business

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Tight margins are placing a constant demand on transport operators to maximise productivity and efficiency in order to survive. A good fleet management system is therefore becoming an increasingly essential tool.

In order to survive in today’s challenging transport industry, the ability to identify areas in which you can improve your business, coupled with easy access to the right services, is crucial. I believe a fleet management system is the most effective way of addressing these basic requirements.

With Dynafleet, Volvo Trucks offers a set of services that makes running a truck business a lot easier by combining a number of features that can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Of course, saving fuel is a priority for any truck business. By analysing vehicle and driver data, Dynafleet shows you exactly where fuel savings can be made, reducing consumption by as much as five per cent. Many of the hauliers I speak to are also fans of its fuel efficiency score system, which evaluates the performance of a driver. It’s a great tool for coaching and incentivising drivers and controlling your fuel consumption over time.

A good fleet management system should also reduce paperwork, make it easier to contact drivers and keep your trucks on the road. Here are the Dynafleet services that do just that:

Fuel & Environment – Instant reports from a wide range of parameters that help you improve fuel efficiency

Positioning - Precise information on vehicle position and status, so you can improve truck productivity

Driver Times - Tachograph data is downloaded automatically according to EU regulation, and there are tools for monitoring driving and resting times.

Messaging - An international messaging system that allows you to contact drivers round the clock

Vehicle Status - Proactive alerts to improve vehicle uptime

For me, a fleet management system is not just useful, it’s a prerequisite for transport operators to meet the necessary margins to stay on the road in the future.

Do you want to learn more?

Feel free to download my guide on how Dynafleet could help you and your business. I hope you find it useful.


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