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How to optimize your fleet's productivity

Many haulage companies struggle with low profit margins. Razor-sharp competition and increasing fuel costs are some of the reasons for this. Even when demand is high it’s still a jigsaw puzzle to optimize the operations and see a profit at the bottom line. But there are measures that can be taken.

How to encourage fuel efficient truck driving

There are a number of factors I believe are hugely important when it comes to maintaining motivation to drive fuel efficiently. The right support, training and incentives can help to ensure that drivers are consistently fuel savvy and know exactly how to drive to get the most out of their truck.

How to specify your truck for fuel efficiency

Did you know that just a few straightforward specifications could have a huge impact on your bottom line? On any of today’s trucks, 60-65% of factors that impact fuel consumption are set and no longer possible to change, once the vehicle has been specified. This means that specifying the right way from the outset is …

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