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How to choose the right aerodynamic fittings for your operation

Aerodynamic devices can save a typical long-haul operation as much as 10%* in fuel consumption. But it’s not just long-haul heavy duty operations with standard trailer configurations that can benefit. Other segments, including tank transport and construction, can also enjoy significant fuel savings with the right …

Thinking of changing to an electric truck for city transports? Here are some questions to consider.

  Electric trucks have become reality and a necessity for many transport assignments. Are you operating in urban areas and need some guidance in your next step into electrified transport solutions? Here are some questions to consider.

How do you go about incorporating sustainability into your operations?

How we work with sustainability in transport matters. The industry has a direct impact on a number of factors including climate, safety and air quality. It is also key tobuilding an inclusive and sustainable society.

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