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Electric trucks can support solar and wind power. Here’s why.

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) are already today an obvious part of our traffic environment, and battery driven trucks are gradually entering the scene for both short and regional haul purposes. As we progress, the most difficult task we must solve concerns heavy duty long haul commercial transports – carrying heavy …

Electric trucks may go mainstream sooner than you think. Here is why.

The whole transport industry is facing tough demands to improve its climate impact. To speed up the transition towards more sustainable transports, Volvo Trucks’ objective is for its entire product range to be fossil-free by 2040. Electric trucks will play a key role to achieve this. It may sound as an unrealistic …

Electric Roads: A niche solution for confined areas?

The thought of hitting the open road and never having to refuel your truck is certainly a nice one. And this is exactly what electric roads claim to be able to do. By charging vehicles as they cruise down the highway, proponents of electric highways say the technology can make charging faster and travel longer. But …

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