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What is the potential of biodiesel in trucking?

If it seems as though fewer and fewer people are talking about biodiesel you are not wrong. There are clear political and technological trends that suggest that biodiesel’s potential as a major alternative to diesel might be limited. Here are a few of the reasons why biodiesel’s fortunes are fading and what might take …

What is the future of hydrogen in trucking?

With so much talk around the rise of electric vehicles, for a while hydrogen and its potential in the transport industry seemed to be losing ground in the debate around cleaner transport. But is this really the case? Let’s take a look at hydrogen fuel cell technology and its potential as an alternative fuel.

How can the trucking industry be a part of the circular economy?

The rise of the circular economy has forced each industry to re-think the linear system of take-make-waste and trucking is no different. Over the years, manufacturers have been trying to give old materials a new life which is presenting interesting opportunities for the transport industry.

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