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How map-based predictive systems can help you save fuel

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Predictive systems have evolved considerably in recent years, primarily because map data can now be stored in the cloud, greatly improving coverage and accuracy. The result? Reduced fuel consumption and a smoother ride. Here, I’ll explain why.

The ability to download cloud-based map data as and when it’s needed is a big step forward for predictive systems. At Volvo Trucks, we have recently updated our predictive software, I-See, to include this functionality. Before, I-See was best suited to long-haul transport operations with drivers who spend most of their time on the highway.

Now, not only are maps always up-to-date, they are also available across a much wider geographical range, including smaller roads. The updated I-See also offers better integration with adaptive cruise control. This significantly increases driver comfort, as the gear selections are much smoother and more predictable. Rolling also increases. What’s really impressive is that you can even drive behind another vehicle and still be able to benefit from the system’s fuel savings.

For many years, I-See has been successfully helping drivers to save fuel on hills by analysing the topography of the road ahead and selecting the optimal gear and speed. As part of the team that worked on this completely self-learning system, I’m really pleased to see an improved version that realises its full potential. Even better, I-See map-based can now shave an additional 1% off fuel costs. It may be a cliché, but every drop really does count in today’s challenging transport industry.

Updated I-See – the facts

  • Cloud-based map data means better coverage on smaller roads
  • Increased accuracy – maps are always up-to-date
  • Better integration with adaptive cruise control, improving driveability
  • Automatically updated system (no need to visit a workshop)
  • Fuel consumption reduced a further one per cent

Do you want to learn more?

Feel free to download my guide on how I-See works.


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